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The Champ du Feu

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The Champ du Feu, standing at
1099 meters, is the highest point
of the Lower Rhine. The vegetation
of its mountain stubble fields and
raised peat bogs make this natural site as fragile as it is exceptional. In the winter months, downhill skiers enjoy its snowcovered slopes and cross-country
skiers happily partake in the
many miles of groomed ski trails.
The observation tower at the summit, still referred to as the
Hohenlohenturm, was built in
1898 by the Club Vosgien. It is the
symbol of the Champ du Feu.
There are many hypotheses as to
the origin of the name Champ du
Feu (literally “field of fire” in
modern French). It may come from
Vehfeld (cattle field) or it may be
a deformation of the name
“Champ des Fées” (Field of the
Fairies) or of “Champ du Faîte”
(Field at the Summit). Other suggested origins include references
to will-o'-the wisps seen because
of the emanations of methane
from the peat bogs and to fires in
the coalfields.
As the highest point of the Lower
Rhine region, this granite hill
range offers abundant high pastures making it ideal for hiking
and winter sports (Alpine skiing,
Nordic skiing, sledding, snowshoeing…).

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