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Pêche en rivière dans la Vallée de la Bruche

Fishing cards sale

"Fishing friends... our partnership with the AAPPMA High Bruche Valley and AAPPMA Urmatt means members and non-members can buy day or week-long fishing permits from Bruche Valley...
Guide Passion Vosges et cartes de randonnées dans la Vallée e la Bruche
Vallée de la Bruche


Longing for some local shopping , La Boutique is well furnished with various treasures that have an authentic taste of the area (home made beers, apple juice, jams, honeys,...


A grandiose tour of Alsace! 30 sites to visit over 3 days ! Animal parcs, fortified castles, discory of contemporary or historical art work, fun activities ... you can choose the...
Vallée de la Bruche

Coffrets cadeaux

"Treat yourself and amaze your loved ones! Treat them to an original gift: 100% Bruche Valley gift sets! Check out all the gift ideas designed with you in mind by Tourist...
Mémorial Alsace Moselle
Vallée de la Bruche

Combi-ticket Mémorial de l'Alsace-Moselle - Site du Struthof

The combi ticket provides discounted entry to the Alsace-Moselle Memorial and European Centre of Deported Resistance Members/Struthof Museum. You have 1 year from visiting the...
Logo indiquant la possibilité de se connecter en Wifi à l'Office de Tourisme

Tourist Information Centre Services: Wifi connection

"Whether you're just visiting or here for a long or short stay, do you want to stay in touch with your loved ones and friends, check your emails or update your profile? Tourist...
OTVB / Stéphane SPACH

E-bike rental

"Ride easy with an e-bike! The Donon and Champ du Feu won't seem so intimidating anymore! Come on, hop on board and try it out. Information and booking at Schirmeck Tourist...
Massif des Vosges - T. DEVARD / INFRA

Shuttle bus Le Champ du Feu 2015-2016

Snow shuttle Le Champ du Feu : from mid December to mid March → 252 Schirmeck - Saint-Blaise-la-Roche - Le Champ du Feu → 258 Strasbourg - Obernai - Champ du Feu...
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Vallée de la Bruche

L'accueil est dans notre nature
Alsace - Massif des Vosges - France

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Musée Oberlin
du 01/02/2023 au 31/03/2023 à Waldersbach

©Office de Tourisme Région Molsheim-Mutzig

Fort of Mutzig / Feste Kaiser Wilhelm II
du 27/02/2023 au 31/03/2023 à Dinsheim sur Bruche


Senior hiking
du 01/01/2023 au 31/12/2023 à Vallée de la Bruche


Decoration workshop
du 01/03/2023 au 30/11/2023 à Wildersbach

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