Vallée de la Bruche
Alsace - Massif des Vosges - France

Craft entreprises

On the borders of Alsace and Lorraine, the Bruche valley has talent !

It has seen the birth and perpetuation of know-how which makes it the crucible of a rich heritage. Artisan butchers, master jam makers, potters, tableware creators, stonemasons, each expresses a incredible creative spirit

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  • ranrupt
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    Jams from Climont

    Visit to the manufacturing workshop where they are simmered depending on the time of year...
    Language spoken - German Pet Friendly Parking

    Ehret Création Glass and Porcelain

    Our manufacturing workshops and our store are located in Ranrupt in a renovated old textile factory. We...

    Depierre Workshop

    Since 2008, we have been manufacturing jewelry of all kinds (necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc.). All jewelry is...

    Friedel Cabinetmaking

    Language spoken - German Language spoken - English Pet Friendly Parking

    Jos Artisanal Distillery. Nusbaumer

    The Jos Nusbaumer craft distillery is an independent distillery,...
    Colroy la Roche
    Language spoken - German Parking

    The beekeeping area

    At the bend of a bend, the beekeeping space brings together under one roof...
    Bourg Bruche

    The Magar Bertrand binding workshop

    From more traditional binding to gilding on various objects through serial broaching to...

    Nadia's creations

    Les Créations de Nadia offers you decorative glazed earthenware ceramics from her creativity (lamps,...

    Career of Champenay

    The Champenay quarry extracts and transforms in its workshops this quartzitic sandstone with qualities of hardness and...

    Véro Déco

    Decorations for your events, sale of creative leisure materials and tableware. Creative leisure workshops...
    Language spoken - German Language spoken - English Parking

    Framont Brewery

    Born from the story of a passion and a place, the Brasserie de Framont is...

    Badémont fruit farm

    Located at the top of the Col de Saâles, Jean Vogel's farm is located on the former Franco-German border. On...