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National Automobile Museum - Schlumpf Collection

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© Alexis Toureau National Automobile Museum - Schlumpf Collection, Mulhouse Alsace
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A prestigious internationally recognized museum with one of the finest collections in the world, the Automobile Museum presents some 430 exceptional vehicles from 97 different brands, including 150 Bugatti.
The museum is housed in a former 19th century woolen mill bought by the Schlumpf Brothers and transformed into a showcase for their fabulous collection.
You can stroll through 3 spaces: the Automobile Adventure (which brings together the "ancestors" and the "classics"), the Automobile Race area (where you will see exceptional sports models from the beginnings of automobile racing to the present day) and the Automobile Masterpieces area (with some of the most prestigious models in the world, including 2 Bugatti Royales).
During your visit, you can also take advantage of the animations, videos, simulators, playgrounds or even an experience of driving vintage cars on the racetrack… a must!