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Fort of Mutzig / Feste Kaiser Wilhelm II

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Nearest station: Mutzig

Built from 1893 to 1916, the Mutzig fortress was named "Feste Kaiser Wilhelm II" in 1895. It was the first German fortification to be made of concrete, entirely armored, ventilated and lit by electrical power. This prototype was an experimentation preliminary to the construction of the dispersed fortifications: ouvrages scattered on the terrain, dug underground and connected by underground galleries. It was the most powerful and largest fortification in the German Empire in 1914: it spanned 254 ha (636 acres), covered 40,000 square meters underground, with 22 artillery turrets& Its exceptional preservation and the excellent rehabilitation work and outfitting as a museum have contributed to make it a memorial and one of the best sites in Alsace for research into military architecture, technology and history. View map

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