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© ©JP. Muller - Passion Photos Molsheim Town Hall Square

Molsheim: the homeland of the Bugatti Thoroughbreds! This is how the town located about twenty kilometers west of Strasbourg at the start of the Alsace Wine Route is defined. But it's very bad to know her!

In this ancient episcopal and university city, hidden well under the shelter of the ancient rampart walls, two rarities: one of the only intramural monasteries of Carthusian monks and the only example in Alsace of a 2-manual Silbermann organ with a complete echo (4 octaves) inside the vast Jesuit church!

In the restored cells of the Chartreuse, there is the Bugatti Foundation with its rooms dedicated to the history of the family and the factories. But let's be honest, the brand's vehicles are only visible in Molsheim one weekend a year, in September for the Bugatti Festival.

Molsheim is located on the northern part of the Alsace Wine Route. Its vineyard, formerly held in part by Carthusian monks, is the cradle of Grand Cru Bruderthal. It is possible to discover more information on the work of the vines and the different Alsatian grape varieties on the wine trail which overlooks the heights of the town. Or visit one of the wine cellars in the city center.

Also not to be missed is the magnificent Jesuit church, one of the largest in Alsace, which was only built in 2 and a half years. It houses the large cross of the Chartreuse de Molsheim and magnificent stucco decorations.

Activities point of view: numerous hiking trails in the vineyard (Bacchus circuit), 3 cycle routes (The Alsace vineyard, Offenbourg-Molsheim and Euroroute n°5 Via Romea), 100 km of cycle paths, 1 indoor swimming pool and 1 outdoor swimming pool, play areas, discovery kayak outings.... and many cultural events throughout the year (Cox Show, Molshémienne, Vineyard Marathon, Bugatti Festival, grape festival, Christmas of yesteryear).

The city is accessible by train and the station is a meeting place between cycle paths and hiking trails.