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Historical weekend - Smugglers' trail

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Discover the smugglers' trail between Salm and Moussey with our guide Marc (13 km - return by bus) one night in the Maison du Coucou and the Alsace Moselle memorial. Take the path that anonymous smugglers used from November 1943, to accompany hundreds of Jews, resisters, escapees and allied airmen to Moussey, a village on the border of a re-annexed Alsace. Cross the forests and tall stubble on this 13 km route, accompanied by our guide Marc. Spend the night in the Salm Etang du Coucou holiday home. Enrich your knowledge with a guided tour of the Alsace-Moselle Memorial. 3 choices: - Smugglers' trail hike, bus return, evening meal (€20) - Plus: overnight stay and breakfast (€35) - Plus: guided tour of the memorial (€48) Meet on Saturday at 10 a.m. at Salm's house with finale at 12 p.m. Sunday.