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'The Watchmaker of Eva Braun' by Bernard Da Costa

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In Berlin, taking refuge in the bunker with her lover and soon-to-be husband, Eva Braun finds herself with a German soldier and a camp prisoner, a watchmaker by trade. She hopes that he will be able to restore all his watches to working order...and in his "madness" restart what is being destroyed around her...Repair the irreparable! A text that moves us for the questions that the characters go through and that current events constantly remind us of: What makes us able to accept the unacceptable? How can we forget, or put aside our humanity? A closed session tense until the end... With the game: Isabelle Ruiz, Yann Szpak, Didier Vergez based on the direction of Thierry Coursan. Mireille Kohler Costumes Show from 14 years old