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One day our voices will be silent

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Jean Villeret is one of the last French survivors of the Natzweiler-Struthof concentration camp. Like him, there are only a handful left who can testify to what they experienced, in Nazi hell, 80 years ago. Faced with the urgency of making their voices heard, journalist Julien Le Gros chose to collect the testimony of Jean Villeret. Now a hundred years old, this former resistance fighter was deported to the Natzweiler-Struthof concentration camp on July 7, 1944, as an NN (Nacht und Nebel) inmate, at the age of 21. He was also deported to Allach, a subcamp of Dachau, and to Dachau itself. It was there that he was liberated by the Americans on April 29, 1945. Jean Villeret describes himself as “miraculous”. Nearly eight decades after the events, he recounts his journey to Julien Le Gros: his youth in a working-class family in Maisons-Alfort, his entry into the resistance among the partisan Francs-tireurs, his deportation, his social commitment to young people... The work entitled One day, our voices will be silent, published in April 2023 by Alisio editions, is the fruit of their interviews. The two men also discuss notions such as the “duty to remember”, anti-fascism, and the values ​​of the Resistance.