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Take the time, relax, enjoy, the summer season is perfect for this. To develop listening to the outside world through your feelings and listening to your inner world, I offer self-exploration and listening workshops every Monday in the summer. Each workshop is unique and addresses one of these 8 themes: - Olfactory meditation - the power of essential oils on our emotions - Deep and intuitive breathing - when breathing calms us and allows us to reconnect with ourselves - Guided sensory meditation - journey between the external world and your internal world thanks to sensations - Listening to ourselves and others - when we see with our fingers and touch with our eyes - Anchoring and energetic recharge - exploration of the relationship with the earth and energies through our bodily sensations - Messages from my body - how I feel the fluidity or rigidity of my body when I mobilize it - The 5 senses awakening - exercises to stimulate and develop our 5 senses... - Surprise workshop (August) The themes of these workshops are not in date order.