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Modern jazz and classical dance show “Espace”

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© Kenneth Jencks

¿¿ Don't miss the modern jazz and classical dance show directed by Marie Boussac and Emilie Fournier on June 10! ¿¿ You are all invited to witness a breathtaking performance, where passion and energy merge in an explosion of creative movement. Whether you are a child, teenager or adult, this experience will delight spectators of all ages. Talented choreographers Marie Boussac and Emilie Fournier have created a captivating show that pushes the boundaries of modern jazz dance. Their unique styles and expertise intertwine to deliver an unforgettable performance, where every step tells a story and every gesture expresses an emotion. Join us on June 10 to discover an artistic journey full of grace, audacity and captivating rhythms. This show is a unique opportunity to celebrate the art of dance and support these exceptional artists. Reserve your seats now for this extraordinary evening. Come and enjoy an extraordinary sensory experience and let yourself be carried away by the magic of modern jazz dance! We look forward to seeing many of you for this unforgettable event. Book today so you don't miss this opportunity to marvel at the talent of Marie Boussac and Emilie Fournier. See you soon on stage!