Vallée de la Bruche
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Pleasure Trails: The Struthof quarry

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Discover the quarry of the former concentration camp through the testimonies of residents of the surrounding villages collected through friendly family or neighborhood discussions by Martine, a native of the nearby village of Neuviller la Roche. Martine will also talk about the recent and ongoing excavations carried out on the site of the former camp, and the fabulous flora which is reborn on these abandoned sites. Finally, the climb to Mont Louise will allow you to read the landscape which bears witness to the history of the Bruche valley.
Departure: 10 a.m. from the Grande Carrière du Struthof parking lot in Natzwiller. Return around 13 p.m.
Conditions: walking shoes, drinks, clothing & protection adapted to the weather. Distance: 5 km. Height difference: 50 m