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Archaeological excavation of the quarry of the former concentration camp Natzweiler

Home Archaeological excavations in the quarry of the former Natzweiler concentration camp
© CERD Natzweiler Struthof

For the second year in a row, an archaeological site will be held from August 1 to 26 in the quarry of the former Natzweiler concentration camp. This area was the place where many deportees were forced to work, first to extract pink granite and then, from 1943, to dismantle aircraft engines for the German company Junkers. Current archaeological research is making it possible to highlight this memorial heritage and to better understand the work and daily life of the deportees in this area. The open door of the construction site will allow you to discover the quarry of the camp, the history of this site, as well as the methods and results of the archaeological research. Bring hiking shoes or sneakers.