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© Nicolas Schreiner

Friday June 14, 1940, on the eve of the entry of German troops into Alsace, Marie-Joseph Bopp could not sleep and felt the “storm” coming. Alone in his room, he then sets himself the objective of “reestablishing historical truth” by starting to write a war diary. For more than five years, Marie-Joseph Bopp, a teacher at the Bartholdi high school in Colmar, wrote down in her diary everything that reached her, from near or far, first-hand information as well as the wildest rumors, facts and rumors. representations, the essential as well as the futile, thus providing valuable testimony on the state and evolution of public opinion in Colmar during the war. More than 80 years after the events, Nicolas Schreiner faithfully reproduces Marie-Joseph Bopp's text to deliver a theatrical adaptation accessible to all by depicting an Alsace that is at once a victim, an unwilling accomplice and a rebel. Marie-Joseph Bopp was born in Sélestat on January 2, 1893. After studying philology at the University of Strasbourg, he was appointed in 1916 as an auxiliary professor at the Gymnasium de Colmar (future Bartholdi high school) where he taught until his retirement in 1960, Latin, Greek, French then German after the Second World War. His journal, in accordance with his request, will not appear until 2004 by “La Nuée Bleue” editions.