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Nearest station: Rothau

Neuviller-La-Roche is located away from the main communications routes and is hardly in the news. Dominated by the beautiful Vosges forest, Neuviller does not lack picturesqueness with its houses clinging to the mountain, its narrow streets, the elegant bell tower of its church, an omnipresent witness to village life. Create a Museum in Neuviller-La-Roche! Under what circumstances was this initiative taken? Quite simply during a visit to the Musée des Vallées Cévenoles in 1984, in Saint-Jean-du-Gard. That’s when it clicked: why not do the same thing? The idea was launched on the way back. From October 17, a core of people interested in this project was formed, and the decision to create the Association was taken, at the same time as the creation of a Museum of Traditions, the aim of which was not to let it disappear and gradually erase, for ourselves, and especially for future generations, the past of our village. See the map