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“Water is not necessary for life, it is life,” Antoine de Saint-Exupéry tells us. Celebrating water through music is drawing from the source of multiculturality. All peoples sing about water, dance about it or draw it, hope for it or fear it, and also revere it. A source of life and inspiration, water connects people and reminds them how precious and fragile the natural balance is. A true hymn to water, the “Opus d’eau” program is an invitation to travel through multiple sounds with traditional and contemporary songs, gospel, jazz, but also pieces from the classical repertoire. Directed by Zivile Schmitt, the singers are accompanied on piano by Célia Schmitt and by Lionel Galonnier on percussion. Created in Mutzig in 2019 by Zivile Schmitt, singing teacher and experienced choir director, the OPUS ensemble is made up of 16 amateur choristers who unite their voices for the pleasure of singing, sharing and progressing together.