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Rewinder is a show built from the video work of documentary filmmaker Carole Roussopoulos. From the 70s to her death in 2009, she made around a hundred documentaries, to give voice to those we do not hear in traditional media or in political spheres. All her life, she worked to keep track of the most important struggles of her time. Rebobiner is the first duo signed by the Marthe collective. An actress stands on the edge, between the stage and the audience, at her control table, and orchestrates a journey through certain films chosen by the director, while the other, on stage, plays people directly from the films of the director. videographer and single-handedly draws up a gallery of portraits, a ballet of interviews, traveling from frame to frame, from year to year, shot after shot. Together, they question memory, the traces that Carole Roussopoulos' films leave us and replay videographic processes.