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Wild Scenes: 3 sisters

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The Three Sisters relates the lives of three young women, Olga, Macha and Irina, secluded in their house, in the suburbs of a provincial town. Between hopes and disillusions, they dream of returning to Moscow, to start a new life and open the path to possibilities. It is in an exciting and playful dialogue that we wanted to question Chekhov's writing. From this emblematic play, we want to explore the tragic story of the three sisters, but we also want to borrow it as a base, to allow us to begin a dive into our own dreams and fantasies. How do the author's words relate to our own lives? What were our aspirations when we were twenty, and do we find ourselves living up to them as we approach forty? What do we do, what have we all done, actors, actresses, spectators, at the different ages of our lives, of our childhood dreams? In a game between reality and imagination we slip into the skin of the characters to reveal our inner song, and the rough edges of the human soul. By making them resonate with the uncertainties of our time.