Vallée de la Bruche
Alsace - Massif des Vosges - France

Survival course with night in bivouac

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Lovers of wide open spaces, curious about nature, adventure enthusiasts... Ready to experience a survival course in the Vosges massif in Alsace? Do you dream of watching Man vs Wild or Mike Horn shows? Leave the comfort of your living room and come live a real experience in a survival course. We prepare you for survival in the wilderness. You will learn many survival techniques, how to prepare your backpack, the basic rules of survival, how to orient yourself, how to make a fire with a firesteel, how to find and purify water, how to build a shelter with three sometimes nothing, tying knots, first aid gestures. Our survival courses are aimed at everyone: With family or friends, come and discover the magnificent forests of the Vosges massif in Alsace in the Bruche valley, possibly come across some woodland animals and learn about bushcraft. Don't worry about anything, we take care of everything. Even the evening meal and the “comfort” of the night. We love nature, but also, eating well. Friendly atmosphere guaranteed! But we will not make you nibble on a snake and at no time will you be in danger. Ready? At Bruchecraft, we offer immersion courses in contact with nature free from urban stress.