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Colette Baecher

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Originally: Colette, 48, native of Natzwiller, poultry breeder and farmer innkeeper. Colette has always dreamed of one thing: to have her own farm. When her parents take over a former textile factory to transform it into a hotel, her fate begins to take shape ... But the hotel business does not really fascinate her, what she wants is to have time to pamper poultry and to cook. In 1993, she took over the establishment, transformed it into a “Café du Charapont” which would become the farm inn of Charapont and at the same time started breeding ducks, geese, guinea fowl and other small feathered animals. His passion: his farmyard, his stoves, wild plants, the culinary heritage left by his mother, already a fine cook. She prefers "big pots" to "ultra-sophisticated little dishes" and intensive breeding does not speak to her. Poultry should work, scratch and splash around. But what she loves above all is "having a good time with people"! Her pride: to offer her guests ultra-short circuit peasant cuisine in line with her ambitions and all in transparency, to make them discover the taste and nutritional virtues of aromatic plants and to generously transmit "what she knows" and "how she does ".