Vallée de la Bruche
Alsace - Massif des Vosges - France

Laurence Burghard

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"Behind the scenes"
Laurence Burghard's favorite little corner
This little corner that I want to present to you is very close... A stone's throw from the village where I am native, from the place where I work, from the place where I live, where I have always lived... It So it's familiar. And yet, when I go there, just like Alice, I pass through the looking glass. And I enter into the change of scenery of a charm that has never faded. Of course, this little corner, I know that I share the amenities, the benevolent calm, with many other inhabitants of the Valley. However, from my point of view, it is unique too. Because what he inspires me and brings me for so long belongs only to me. As a child, I went sliding there. At all ages of my life, with my family, my friends, my husband, I have been there. And I still return there, very regularly, alone or accompanied, as if to a source that regenerates me.
This is my garden. My refuge, behind the scenes of my life. I love my daily life, my work, my loved ones. But, there, in this little corner nearby, in two steps I am elsewhere... And alone with myself. This little corner, over the years, I have seen it change. It never stopped oscillating between meadows, orchards and forests. 30 years ago, the wastelands had eaten away a little too much. But he was one of the first links in this exemplary effort of landscape reconquest undertaken by the actors of our territory. Today, a green lung and window of light at the gates of the Center Bourg, it has regained all its biodiversity balance, with at its edges, an island of old wood, a conservatory of rare species. This little corner, which remains my place of recharge and is my favorite, is the Vallon d'Albet.