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Jos Artisanal Distillery. Nusbaumer

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The Jos Nusbaumer artisanal distillery is an independent distillery, established in Alsace for more than 70 years. Since its founding in 1947 in the Alsatian Vosges, the distillation of plants has been the core business of the distillery. Our mid-mountain ecological environment and its biodiversity have always led us to distill fruits (pear, plum, kirsch, mirabelle plum, raspberry, etc.) - but also plants - berries and regional botanicals (rosehip, wild service, sloe, elderberry, cumin, holly berries, fir buds, etc.). Specializing for 70 years in the distillation and production of brandies, liqueurs and fruit creams, this year we are opening a new page in our know-how with the launch of new vegetable distillations ‚Äď a mountain Gin and a French Aquavit. See the map

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