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In heat in Ranrupt

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At that time, the Rut said to his disciples “go and see up there on the mountain if I am there”. They will go there on Saturday June 29, 2024, and indeed it will be there, from 14 p.m. to 1 a.m. In front of the charred ruins of the Haut-Fer sawmill first, on a divine meadow with a DJ set from the Lille collective Amikal Sonic. Then at the church, from 00 p.m., with the concert by Zoé Heselton who will delight the ears with her folk/post-punk/spoken word. Finally, on the town hall square, where the most exciting bands will take place one after the other on the legendary semi-trailer stage to the great joy of the multitude: the electro-rock of Spleen Club, the rap of Mister E, the punk neo-nasic from Zarga, post-punk from Pales, old wave from KG and the return of Amikal Sonic for the final electronic bouquet. What else ? Small chalets filled with associations: Ithaque (risk prevention and addictions), Papier Gâchette (artisanal publishing of books and posters), En Rut (T-shirts, badges, etc.). To drink (beers, soft drinks) and to eat (tartes flambées, snacks, pasta salads). An entry for the low price of nothing at all, it's free!