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“The genius of the place”
Gaëlle Hochstetter's favorite little corner
This little secret corner, it's not that I want to keep it for myself... Or play guessing games. But, you see, it is worth it. Otherwise, the charm does not work. And the genius of the place will not come to rest on your shoulder...
So, just a few pointers to get you on your way. Some personal sensations to make you want to go there... And I'll let you discover it yourself.
When it comes to departure, you have a choice. He is in the middle of the world! Well, mine. Le Ban de la Roche, where I come from, is very close. When you have Ranrupt, where I work, at your feet. When you look down on Colroy la Roche where I live. And when you get to know the great Climont while looking into its eyes, you will be there! Well, maybe... We still need to find the exact location. It's a little above the Promont farm where you can already taste the peace of the place. Along a path marked with a yellow circle which climbs towards a gap of trees where an exceptional view is offered: no less than 9 ridge lines stretching all the way to the valley of Ste Marie aux Mines!
This is where I sit down for a little evening picnic. Where I often come running, sometimes by motorbike... Always with happiness. Because there, I breathe. Not that I'm suffocating anywhere else. I love my job, my Valley, my life. But, from here, I appreciate all the privilege. I hear the bells of Ranrupt ringing and I realize how lucky I am to live and work here. Far from all the worries and noise, I let myself be immersed in this landscape. I infuse in the calm of this universe which has become familiar to me. And the magic still works. A butterfly comes to land on me. I know it's the genius of the place. And that I am accepted.
I wish you the same ...
Ah! One more little detail: My favorite P'tit Coin is called the Bois de Gaize. Which in patois means “goat”.
Pretty, right?