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Michael Rochel

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Young mid-mountain breeder in Belmont. His story: we can say of Mickael that he literally "fell in"... Barely 4 years old, he was already working as a milker on his parents' farm. Having left for a 3-year training course as a landscaper, the opportunity to take over the family farm presented itself in 2008. He took the plunge... he was only 21 years old and - months of strictly "agricultural" training! If he gets up every day at 05:30 a.m. it's for his "Vosgiennes", but not only. He also devotes his days to maintaining the quality of the landscapes by maintaining open spaces. He is committed to preserving the environment, to developing practices favorable to flower meadows, to offering short-chain farm products and, with other farmers in the valley, to breathing new life into this mid-mountain agriculture that We thought we were lost. Driven by his passion for the land, he perpetuates the tradition of transhumance, the rise in mid-June of the herd towards the plateaus. Mickael by Mickael: "The biodiversity found in our meadows and pastures is found on the plate. Our products have taste. No one disputes this anymore, farmers and consumers have understood this and appreciate the difference" . Right in his boots the man and mid-mountain agriculture he makes it his... priesthood!