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The Stone Gate
“Unusual, mysterious and fascinating”
Since I took up residence in Lutzelhouse with my husband, more than 40 years ago, my steps have naturally led me towards the Porte de Pierre. And I never get tired of going back there. Because the magic of the place always acts and dispenses its beneficial effects, like a mysterious and invigorating potion. It must be said that I am a “girl from the Vosges heights”. Born and raised in Belmont where the forces of nature are felt and shape your body and soul. As they forged this Stone Gate, shaped by the elements. The wind, the sun, the water, the frost have patiently sculpted it to still offer us today this monumental, unusual and fascinating work. And we understand that it could also have fascinated our very ancient ancestors who frequented it, probably feared and respected it, as it must, by its majesty, nourish their imagination. Like many other sites in the Vosges heights - the Pagan Wall of Mont Sainte Odile, Le Hohwald or the Grand Donon - the Porte de Pierre and the Jardin des Fées, a little higher up, radiate an energy which, even for the pragmatic woman that I am, call for meditation and provide undeniable rejuvenation. And then, of course, the place calls for legend. The Stone Gate is said to be the entrance to the “Forbidden Land”. No doubt that of ancient beliefs, rejected at the advent of Christianity. Previously, men raised their souls in the respect and wonder that nature inspired in them. Maybe we should remember it a little more today...