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Roger LEMKE chef restaurateur of the Auberge du Climont... Originally from a small village, Roger fell under the spell of the Bruche valley or rather of Laurence, heiress of a small tavern in Ranrupt where the grandmother loved to cook stews for passing dealers. In 1999, the caterer-butcher-cook-pastry chef took the plunge and installed his stoves in the village's solid Vosges building. Roger by Roger: "Meat, cheese, honey, apple juice or schnapps, whether in my kitchen or in the dining room, many products come from nearby valleys. There are many advantages to working with the "locals", I have known most of them for 20 years Of course, quality comes first, but what I really appreciate here is the climate of trust and proximity that distinguishes the local people. not a fad, here it has always been like that!”