Vallée de la Bruche
Alsace - Massif des Vosges - France

Michael Muhr

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Michel Muhr, beekeeper and host of the Colroy la Roche beekeeping area. His story: Michel discovered his passion for the fabulous insect at the age of 4. At 8 years old, Michel is already studying the good health of his protégés under the microscope. In 1966 his parents, pure Strasbourg residents but passionate beekeepers, looked for preserved transhumance land to set up their colony of bees. They discovered and chose the Bruche valley as their home. It was therefore quite natural that in 2009, after good and loyal service in the Strasbourg fire brigade, that Michel came to settle in Colroy la Roche to enjoy his retirement and pamper his queens and workers. Michel by Michel: "You don't know it but bees make 2 kinds of honey: the one that nourishes the stomach and the one that nourishes the mind, because bees are at the origin of the most beautiful stories; the creation of the world, nature, but also art, poetry, philosophy." Michel likes to share, so listening to him and observing him is like entering the fascinating world of a multitalented little creature...