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The Kappelbronn redwood

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This giant sequoia has a special history. It was planted in 1896, in memory of Louis Butze, a little boy who died of diphtheria at the age of four. His dad, a forest ranger, planted the tree near his son's house and playground. It was the forest guard's brother, therefore the child's uncle, a priest at the major seminary of Monaco, who brought two trees to his brother. The second sequoia had been planted and grew until 1976 near the child's grave in Lutzelhouse Cemetery. All that remains today is an enormous stump visible at the top, to the right of the Scheidecker Chapel.< /br> In order to perpetuate the memory, the municipality of Lutzelhouse, with the help of ONF, planted in the years 1977/78, two other sequoias, including one near the cemetery and the other at the entrance to the forest. Its circumference is 7,07 m at 1,50 m from the ground. by Joseph HECKLY See the map

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