Vallée de la Bruche
Alsace - Massif des Vosges - France

Monique Bierry

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There are magical and secret places in Bruche. Who deserve it. And once you've tasted it, you can't live without it. A particular charm inhabits them. Who captivates you. And never leave you... I have been walking on this plateau for 40 years, between the village of Fréconrupt, Malplaquet and Salm. It's a few minutes from La Broque. Yet, each time, it's the same sensation: in this landscape that I know by heart, I travel within myself. And I also feel “out of the world”, in the parenthesis of a caring environment. As in a “little Switzerland”, following in the footsteps of the “solitary walker”. It must be said that the Mennonites are not far away... And I always fervently come across the big oak tree that they planted. Trees and meadows, changing colors and scents of the seasons, purity of birdsong... This privileged natural environment is a spell for the senses. It is also a place of memory. As the Paths of the Passengers, the Mennonites and their cemetery, Salm and its Castle, Poetry and its troubadours remind us. If, for forty years, the Fréconrupt plateau has been my favorite Little Corner, it is also because I saw my children grow up there. By stroller, on foot or by bicycle. I still see them... They flew away, like all children. Today, they are coming back. And, with my husband, we regularly do this lovely 5 km walk. We have seen the landscape change. However, he remains true to himself. For centuries, mountain agriculture has shaped it. But nature reigns there, respected, peaceful, alive. And we too feel peaceful and alive there.