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Concert: Thibaut Sibella (Folk Music)

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By force of circumstances, he took the plunge. Not for cover-up, not for praise or ego. But by dint of composing songs that never saw the light of day, the decision seemed obvious. At 33, Thibaut Sibella appears, perhaps for the first time in his life, completely naked. He has been playing with others for more than 15 years, in two groups that reflect his ambivalent personality: rage (Tess, punk-hardcore) and the thirst for discovery (The Yokel, folk-rock). And where does he place the cursor in all this? Surely in this in-between. A chasm so vast and deep that, for a long time, it was so difficult to tame and define its contours. This is ultimately where we must look to try to define this new artistic project. A Thibaut Sibella without filters, without barriers, without belts, without nets. With no one to reach out to him. It is there, perhaps, that he draws what is deepest in him. It is from there that he exhumes his doubts, his anxieties, his fears, his love too and his hopes to extract pieces of a raw, emotional, captive, sincere power, influenced by his masters of thought: Willie Watson, The Tallest Man on Earth, Bob Weir, The Chariot, Manchester Orchestra and the others… So here he is, guitar in hands, playing on the heartstrings. The one that vibrates when you touch it. The one that screeches when attacked. The one that breaks when you upset her. Balanced on the handle, as on the emotions, always there to pitch, without ever falling into excess. As his look.