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Christmas concert: Jumble

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Three Alsatians of origin and character, with both traditional and pop musical culture, arranging and sometimes arranged musicians, devote themselves once a year to one of their passions: Christmas! Their vocal ease, all in contrast, is matched only by their instrumental complementarity (guitar, percussion, bass) of rare effectiveness, it does not take more to set off on the musical paths re-visited by our 3 accomplices: Christmas of yesteryear, religious, or simply contemporary and pop, personal creations and sometimes in dialect, Noel is very lucky to have Jumble as an interpreter.

Jumble adapts Christmas to his vision which is full of nuances, dressed in emotion and joy, reality and dreams, to share without moderation with parents and friends without ever forgetting the sacred meaning and that of the celebration which accompanies this moment magical or everything remains possible: as long as you believe in it! Their show is a true ode to sharing and the joy of this unique moment that is the end of year celebrations; Don't hesitate to make your voice heard if you attend one of their concerts! And of course “Merry Christmas”