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Site of the former “Schirmeck-Vorbrück” security camp

Home Cultural heritage Site of the former “Schirmeck-Vorbrück” security camp
Nearest station: Schirmeck

Although there are only few traces of the internment camp, completely dismantled after the liberation between 1954 and 1960, Rue du Souvenir still houses the camp's "Kommandantur" building built in 1943. Today, private property, a plaque affixed to the facade recalls the page of history that was written in these places. Installation of a memorial stele, on the site of the former “Schirmeck-Vorbrück” security camp in 2019. Unique in the concentration camp system, the Schirmeck-Vorbrück camp was to re-educate refractory prisoners through terrorization, repression, even disappearance... Also see: the gate of the old town hall, current Schirmeck media library, original entrance gate to the camp, Memory to History trail. See the map

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