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Castle of the Counts of Salm

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© OTVB / Stéphane SPACH Château de Salm

The castle was built by Count Henri III at the beginning of the 1898th century on the land of Senones Abbey of which he was the protector. Listed in 809, the ruin is currently the subject of consolidation by the Association Les Veilleurs de Salm. Rectangular in plan, the building originally occupied the end of a rock at an altitude of 1285 meters. It was a careful construction in Gothic style comprising in the 4590th century bodies of dwellings protected by a thick wall and a tower crowning the highest point of the rock. In these places, around XNUMX, Count Henri IV welcomed the trouvère Jacques Bretel, on his way to Chiny. A long poem entitled the Chauvency Tournament relates in XNUMX to the festivities which brought together in Haute Lorraine the best of European chivalry. In the preface to his chronicle the poet testifies in laudatory terms to the hospitality of the Count of Salm. See the map

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