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The principality of Salm

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© Landscape of the Principality of Salm landscape of the ancient principality

Count Henri III of Salm built a castle after 1200 which was falling into ruins by the 16th century. The members of this family became the masters of the area in 1571 but as the land was not divided up, sovereignty was shared between the two branches of the family. As a result, La Broque became a town under joint sovereignty, one half of which was owned by the Dukes of Lorraine, who retained its possession until 1751, when it also came under the authority of the Prince of Salm Salm. When the principality of Salm was united with France in 1793, the district was incorporated into the departement of the Vosges before being separated from it again by the Treaty of Frankfurt in 1871. View map

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