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Military cemetery (1914-1918)

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The Plaine military cemetery, since May 13, 1922, has been maintained “in perpetuity” by the commune as well as the statue of Joan of Arc installed by Souvenir français: “Immortality is theirs, memory is ours”. This cemetery includes a first ossuary of 447 unknown French soldiers and 190 known ones named individually on a marble plaque, a second of 9 Russian soldiers and 90 unknown French soldiers, all killed during the First World War. Individual graves of 285 French people including 1 Israelite and 94 Muslims, 46 Commonwealth nationals. On February 23, 1923, the Minister of War and Pensions cited to the army, Plaine: "the commune was in August 1914, the scene of violent fighting and the object of bombings which partially destroyed. Despite his mourning and the vexations suffered, he always showed the greatest confidence in the success of our armies. Well deserved of the country.” See the map

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