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My favorite spot


Elisabeth Gewinner

"""Spirit of Place"" Elisabeth Gewinner's favourite spot I don't know if there's a spirit in every place but I've often felt a presence. Especially in the mountain. My...

Gaëlle Hochstetter

""Spirit of place"" Gaëlle Hochstetter's favourite spot It's not that I want to keep this secret little spot to myself... Or play guessing games. But, the thing is that it...

Annie Banzet

"""It's behind you, my grandma would say..."" Annie Banzet's favourite spot It was 1946 or 47. I was 13. Back then I lived in Barembach and we went - it was a great...
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La Broque

Laurence Burghard


Martine Kwiatkowski

"Porte de Pierre ""Unique, mysterious and fascinating"" Since I made Lutzelhouse my home with my husband over 40 years ago, my feet have always lead me to Porte de Pierre. And...

Nicole Lignel

"If you ask Nicole Lignel to show you her favourite spot, she's bound to take you just above her farm in the Belmont uplands to the ""Cabane du Berger."" Because it's the start...

Monique Bierry

There are magical and secret places like this in Bruche. They're worth it. Once you experience it, you can't forget it. There's a particular charm to them. That bewitches you. And...
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Vallée de la Bruche

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Alsace - Massif des Vosges - France

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