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One heck a story!

In the Bruche Valley from Antiquity to European construction, you witness the history of the place in a heartbeat as you easily cross from one side to another. From the Donon, the Alsace Moselle Memorial through to the Oberlin Museum, the Mutzig Fort and the Struthof.
Experience our history!

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Paysage de la Principauté de Salm
La Broque

The principality of Salm

Count Henri III of Salm built a castle after 1200 which was falling into ruins by the 16th century. The members of this family became the masters of the area in 1571 but as the...
Château de Salm
La Broque

The castle of the counts of Salm

The Château de Salm is located in an exceptional stretch of forest in the Vosges sandstone mountains of the Bruche Valley. A medieval path which has been partially restored leads...
© Musée des traditions populaires, Neuviller la Roche
Neuviller la Roche

The museum of local traditions

Dominated by the beautiful forest of the Vosges Mountains, the quaint little town of Neuviller-la-Roche is very picturesque, with its houses clinging to the hillside, its narrow...
OTVB / Bernard Gewinner

Hiking trail D03: Befestigte Positionen nördlich des Donon

The Donon and its surroundings marked the border between France and the German Empire making it the scene for violent combat from August 1914. It was such a big issue that it was...
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Musée Oberlin

The Jean-Frédéric Oberlin Museum's collections testify to the 59 years' church ministry during which Oberlin, an Alsatian Lutheran clergyman and philanthropist, labored to...
Mémorial Alsace-Moselle

The Alsace-Moselle Memorial

Let you go in the heart of a historic and interactive course in the meanders of the fate of a region border, Alsace-Moselle of 1870 in our days, with a particular lighting on the...
La Broque

Hiking trail: From Memory to History

"This walk takes you through a haven of peace and quiet where the Bruche rises at an altitude of 660 m, then crosses a vast basin, the Hang glade. The use of a 4 X 4 pushchair is...
Stèle Sentier des passeurs de Salm à Moussey
La Broque

Themed trail : The Smugglers Trail

This trail attests to the courage of the people smugglers who risked their lives to help fugitives escape from occupied Alsace between 1941 and 1945.

Hiking trail C14 : Sentier du Drapeau - Die Kämpfe vom 14. August 1914

The story of a square of fabric bearing the imperial eagle that fell into the hands of the first light infantry battalion on August 14th 1914 during the Battle of Saint Blaise la...
OTVB / Bernard Gewinner

Hiking trail D04: Fortified positions south of Le Donon

This is a history trail taking you along the fortified line of German defences south of Le Donon during the 1914-1918 war. The site is itself a page of the history of Alsace....
Le Donon, montagne sacrée. Crédit photo : Office de tourisme de la vallée de la Bruche / Stéphane Spach

The Donon... The region's "sacred mountain"

Donon Mountain, rising to 3310 ft, is the highest point in Lower Vosges and marks the border between Alsace and Lorraine. As it is clearly visible from afar it has been considered...
Le gros chêne de Salm
La Broque

The big Salm oak

It is said that the Mennonite Anabaptists planted this oak in a clearing in memory of the exemption granted to them in 1793. This superb tree is today two centuries old.
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