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Taillerie de la Haute Creuse à Venxaincourt

Atelier Depierre

Jewellery - minerals - fossils
Laiterie du Climont

Laiterie du Climont

Yoghurt, fromages blancs
Photo les Vergers de la Marande 1

Les Vergers de la Marande

Fruit, herb and vegetable producers in Saulxures. Our philosophy is to work with nature using biodynamic guidelines to bring back real flavour.
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Pégase drive rando

"A day or more, in a group or with the family, bring driving a 4x4 together with a tourist outing: Pegase Drive plans your adventure for you in line with your requirements....
Office de tourisme de la vallée de la Bruche / Stéphane Spach

Private tours in a 2cv across the Bruche Valley

"Private 2CV trips, booking required. Explore unique spots in the Bruche Valley with vintage car enthusiast Thierry. He'll take you off the beaten track on board a 2CV! "
Espace apicole Colroy la Roche. Crédit photo :Office de tourisme de la vallée de la Bruche  / Stréphane Spach
Colroy la Roche

Beekeeping Centre of Charasses

First and foremost a training centre for beekeepers, the hive school invites both young and old alike to discover the fantastic kingdom of the bee. The enthusiasm of these amateur...
Visite gratuite de l'atelier de fabrication

The Climont jam factory

Since 1985, Fabrice Krencker -awarded best jam maker of France in 2010-and his team have welcomed guests in their site to make them discover the marvellous world of jams. A...
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Association des apiculteurs de la haute vallée de la Bruche

Carrière de Trapp à Champenay

The Champenay quarry

The Champenay Quarry extracts and processes in its workshops exceptionally hard, low porosity quartzitic sandstone. The pink sandstone of Champenay, exploited for centuries and...
Bluets et Brimbelles

Pâtisserie Bluets et Brimbelles

"Things to do, taste, share, give... everything is a joy in the pâtisserie. For you and others. Whether you're a guest in our home, neighbours or baking fans, unleash your inner...
© OTVB / Stéphane Spach
Vallée de la Bruche

Les Prêtes à vivre : Chez nous vous êtes chez vous !

"Get to know and make friends with real locals with the ""Gens de Bruche"". Magical moments exclusively available from Tourist Information"
Vallée de la Bruche

Meet the locals ! Save the castle with Cecile & Raoul

Ready to get your hands dirty ?Spend a day restoring this13th century castle with Cécile, Raoul & their volunteers and learn more about the Salm dynasty. Digging, clearing...
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Vallée de la Bruche

L'accueil est dans notre nature
Alsace - Massif des Vosges - France

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Mémorial Alsace-Moselle

The Alsace-Moselle Memorial
du 19/05/2021 au 23/12/2021 à Schirmeck

Taillerie de la Haute Creuse à Venxaincourt

Atelier Depierre
du 26/03/2021 au 30/10/2021 à Vexaincourt

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Marché hebdomadaire
du 01/01/2021 au 31/12/2021 à Saint Blaise la Roche


Exhibition : «Train 14 166»
du 21/10/2021 au 23/12/2021 à Natzwiller

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