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Gertwiller, capital of gingerbread

This village is situated between plains and hills. There gingerbread has become an Alsatian speciality thanks to the numerous pastry cooks and their know-how. Two local firms...
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Rosheim is a beautiful Alsatian town located on the Wine Route and the Romanesque Road with an especially rich history, to which its architectural heritage proudly bears witness....
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The Alsace Wine Route

The Wine Route is the capricious ribbon that runs along the eastern slopes of the Vosges, quietly rolling down the mountainsides and taking in fifty-one local wines that boast the...
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Dinsheim sur Bruche

Fort of Mutzig / Feste Kaiser Wilhelm II

Built from 1893 to 1916, the Mutzig fortress was named "Feste Kaiser Wilhelm II" in 1895. It was the first German fortification to be made of concrete, entirely armored,...
Les Secrets du Chocolat par Schaal

Chocolate museum "Les Secrets du Chocolat par Schaal"

Learn all the secrets about how chocolate is made by taking a gourmet journey through the world of Schaal. Leave for Ecuador, the first stop on your journey, where our cocoa...
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At the crossroads of the three large regions of Alsace : the vineyards with the wine route, the Vosges and the large rural plain starting right at the town gates, appears and...
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Old town of Molsheim

During reformation, many monastic communities fled Strasbourg to refuge inside the fortified city of Molsheim. Visit this former episcopal estate.
©JP. Muller - Passion Photos Molsheim


Molsheim is called the Bugatti town. but the only car exhibition happens each year during a weekend in September. Otherwise, there is a foundation of 2 rooms devoted to the...
Vue du ciel - ©T.Vuano

Mount Sainte-Odile

Looking out over the plain of Alsace, Mont Sainte Odile was an influential convent for many centuries. Today, it has been converted into a hotel and this sacred place once...
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Alsace - Massif des Vosges - France

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