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Museums - The Bruche Valley

In Alsace one will discover The Wine Route, charming villages, must-do stopovers in Strasbourg, Mulhouse and Colmar. But there is more... Did you know that Alsace has the highest number of museums in France? The Bruche Valley is no exception, and however different. Here you can visit the Alsace Moselle Memorial, the former concentration camp Natzweiler - Struthof site and the Oberlin Museum. All these museums will give you a completely different vision of Alsace.

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La Broque

Circuit rando : De la Mémoire à l'Histoire

Crédit : centre européen du résistant déporté

Former concentration camp Natzweiler Struthof

Opened in 1941, Struthof is the only structure of its type on French soil. 52,000 prisoners were forced to work in the quarry near the camp. 22,000 people died here, often of...
de 09h30 à 17h30
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Dinsheim sur Bruche

Fort of Mutzig / Feste Kaiser Wilhelm II

Built from 1893 to 1916, the Mutzig fortress was named "Feste Kaiser Wilhelm II" in 1895. It was the first German fortification to be made of concrete, entirely armored,...
A partir de 14h00

Gingerbread and Alsatian folk art Museum

In Gertwiller you will find a decorated house like in the tale of Hansel and Gretel! Welcome at Lips' house, producer of gingerbread. There you can visit a museum of gingerbread...
de 09h00 à 12h00 et de 14h00 à 18h00
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Musée Oberlin

The Jean-Frédéric Oberlin Museum's collections testify to the 59 years' church ministry during which Oberlin, an Alsatian Lutheran clergyman and philanthropist, labored to...
de 14h00 à 18h00
Mémorial Alsace-Moselle

The Alsace-Moselle Memorial

Let you go in the heart of a historic and interactive course in the meanders of the fate of a region border, Alsace-Moselle of 1870 in our days, with a particular lighting on the...
de 09h30 à 18h00
© Musée des traditions populaires, Neuviller la Roche
Neuviller la Roche

The museum of local traditions

Dominated by the beautiful forest of the Vosges Mountains, the quaint little town of Neuviller-la-Roche is very picturesque, with its houses clinging to the hillside, its narrow...

Vallée de la Bruche

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Fort of Mutzig / Feste Kaiser Wilhelm II
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Musée Oberlin
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