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Craft enterprises - The Bruche Valley

At the borders of Alsace and Lorraine, you will find in the Bruche Valley local craft talent. You will see local craft talent that was born here and skills that still display a rich heritage. From butchers, master jam-makers, potters, tableware designers and stone and iron workers. Here everyone expresses an incredible spirit of creativity that makes this little part of Alsace unique and different.

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La Broque


Bruche Valley artist and creator collective
Taillerie de la Haute Creuse à Venxaincourt

Atelier Depierre

Jewellery - minerals - fossils
Espace apicole Colroy la Roche. Crédit photo :Office de tourisme de la vallée de la Bruche  / Stréphane Spach
Colroy la Roche

Beekeeping Centre of Charasses

First and foremost a training centre for beekeepers, the hive school invites both young and old alike to discover the fantastic kingdom of the bee. The enthusiasm of these amateur...

Brasserie de Framont

Brasserie de Framont is a craft brewery born of a passion and setting in the former Grandfontaine forger master's home. Iron ore was successively heated and cooled to make steel....
de 16h00 à 19h00
Ébénisterie Friedel - defaut

Ébénisterie Friedel


Fruit farm of the Badémont

Jean Vogel's farm is located on the former French-German border at the top of the Col de Saâles. Rare berries (tayberries, Vosges blueberries and others) grow on this...

Gourmandise et fantaisie

Céline SCHNELL - Office de Tourisme d'Obernai

La Maison de la Choucroute - Le Pic

La Maison de la Choucroute - LE PIC is an alsatian family business (in the family, cabbage has been worked for 5 générations). Today, we transform 5 000 tons of sauerkraut a...
Rioux Hervé

L'arrêt Création

"L'Arrêt Création is a local arts and crafts exhibition centre. It's a community café, concert venue, meeting room and cosy exhibition hall all in one with a warm and friendly...

Les créations de Nadia

"Les Créations de Nadia brings you decorative pottery in enamelled earthenware straight from her imagination (lamps, vases, pictures, pieces to hang etc.). Her workshop is...
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Vallée de la Bruche

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Mémorial de l'Alsace-Moselle. Crédit photo : Office de tourisme de la vallée de la Bruche

The Alsace-Moselle Memorial
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Le 25/01/2020 à Schirmeck

Stéphane SPACH

Exposition : Mourir à l’ombre du cèdre
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