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Winter Sports - The Bruche Valley

Who would have thought? All the joys of skiing an hour from Strasbourg and Colmar and half an hour away from the wine route? Yet it's true. Immerse yourself into the snow. As soon as the first snowflakes of the season fall, numerous activities are provided for downhill skiing, snowboarding, snowblading, cross country skiing, sledging and guided snowshoe hiking. All these can be found in the “Champ du Feu” or the Donon. Two family ski stations that are in close proximity to the delight of the people of Alsace, but also of the winter sports fans from Lorraine, Belgium or Luxembourg. In the Bruche Valley, on the heights of the Lower Rhine, experience and enjoy the cotton soft peaks of the Vosges. Go for the day or a weekend. Breathe.

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Ski de fond
Ski alpin
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Ski de fond au Donon

Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing at the Donon area

The Donon-Prayé ski area - 65km of free, marked trails (35 linear km). Altitude between 687m and 882m. Ski trails prepared for diagonal stride: 1 green trail, 1 blue trails, 2...
ESF au Champ du Feu

Alpine ski school at the Champ du Feu

Individuals and group skiing classes
Téléskis du Champ du Feu : Vieux Prés

Téléskis du Champ du Feu

Horse-tubing avec Cheval Alsace au Champ du Feu

Horse-tubing au Champ du Feu

"Experience the unforgettable thrill of horse-drawn skiing! "
Raquettes, Champ du Feu © OTVB / Stéphane SPACH

Sentier raquette au Donon

Location de ski La Serva

Ski hire La Serva

Downhill skis and cross-country skis, snowshoes.
Balades à cheval avec Cheval Alsace

Horse riding activities center: Cheval Alsace

Gallop in the millenia forests of Alsace. Our team will lead you away to discover trails of Champ du feu and its marvelous overviews. Beginners other confirmeds , try the...
© Les huskys randonneurs

Cani rando raquettes avec Les huskys randonneurs

Ski-joëring avec Cheval Alsace au Champ du Feu

Ski-joëring au Champ du Feu

"Experience the unforgettable thrill of horse-drawn skiing! Skijoring is horse or pony-drawn skiing. 2 hours including: - horse preparation - introduction in the...
La tour du Champ du Feu © OTVB

Sentier piéton du Champ du feu

Champ du Feu is the highest point of the Bas-Rhin at 1099m. Its altitude grassland and domed peatlands create a natural space that is fragile and exceptional in equal measure.

Vallée de la Bruche

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Alsace - Massif des Vosges - France

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