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Swimming pool

67130 Bellefosse - Localiser

"The main attraction in Bellefosse in summer is its outdoor pool. It was built in 1936 by members of the Bellefosse Strasbourg ski club who fell in love with this little mountain village.
Nestled at an altitude of 750m, 5 mins from Champ du Feu, next to the Ski Club centre and 200m from the Ferme Auberge, it was supplied by water straight from the spring for a long time.
Bellefosse Council conducted extensive renovation work and brought the pool up to standard in 1997. With the modern installation of heating and water treatment, there is no doubt that the 10x20m pool in Bellefosse is unique at this altitude.
2015-2016: 2 years of extensive work
* A new retaining wall and reconfigured access
The retaining wall that had been there since the pool was first built had shown signs of weakness for some time. It ended up crumbling in autumn 2014 so the Council decided to build a new riprap wall. The wall's construction required a new fence. Mesh was chosen to hold onto the lovely views of Waldersbach village and the Col de la Perheux. Restructured bathroom facilities
The bathroom facilities were completely restructured, renovated and brought up to standard. They are now more functional and better-looking. Work has also been undertaken for disabled access. Better use of the space has been made. It still has a middle corridor and two facilities: one for ladies and one for men.
The ladies' area includes: a disabled shower/toilet, shower, two changing rooms, toilet, twin basin, mirror and radiator.
The men's area includes: a disabled shower/toilet, shower, two changing rooms, toilet, urinal, basin, mirror and radiator.
Both areas have anti-slip tiled flooring in grey stone tones reminiscent of the blue stone colour that you can see all over Bellefosse. The walls are tiled and bordered by a sanitary ""aquadip"" partitioning.
After a first summer of opening, the best thing for everyone was the many compliments from users who mentioned the functional and aesthetic features of the new bathroom facilities."

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monday - tuesday 1h pm à 6h pm ; wednesday - sunday : 11h am à 6h pm

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Child rate 2,50 €

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