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Leisure activities - The Bruche Valley

In the Vosges, in the heart of Alsace, the landscapes of the Bruche Valley is a paradise for lovers of outdoor activities. Get off the land and pull yourself up to the highest peaks, tease the trout fish, get on the bike, mountain bike up the hills and mountains or enjoy the scenery with a trotting horse. If your goal is to move, you will be enchanted!

Loisirs actifs 2017

Tennis club de la Vallée de la Bruche

The Bruche Valley Tennis Club is the place to practise and learn to play tennis. The tennis school runs from October to June and is available to children aged 5 and over. The...
Association de pêche


Two lakes managed by the Urmatt fishing lakes association. Enjoy a relaxing day’s angling by the lake! Day cards are on sale at the GRUBER butchers and at the NOLTE newsagents...
OTVB / Stéphane Spach
Muhlbach sur Bruche


"The biggest Pumptrack outside France suitable for all ages and abilities: scooter, skateboard, mountain bike, rollerblades. The 315m track has a deck and multi-directional...

Permanent introductory orienteering course: Princess Emma sector

A natural area set up by the Conseil Départemental in collaboration with the Foyer Oberlin de La Broque and mapped by the Comité Départemental de Course d'Orientation, for a...
Étang du col de Steige

Etang du col de Steige

The Col de Steige lake is in a prime location at the crossroads. Basking in the sunshine and surrounded by meadows. Picnic area. No swimming.
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Escalade au rocher-école

Climbing routes at the rock school. Take the road to Donon CD392, above the R. Casner stadium
Au nom des anges

Aire de jeux

"It blends age-old techniques, modern style, eco-friendly features and cool design. Its impressive logs and green roof give it a magical atmosphere in the ever-comforting ""belly...
Pêche à l'étang

Pond of the sawmill of Rothau

"Go trout fishing with the Kohlplatz de Rothau Fishing Association. Trout submersion in front of fishermen./br> No maggots, paste or artifial bait. Price: 10€ half day,...
Tubing été au Champ du Feu

Snow and summer tubing

"Experience the joys of winter sports all year round on your own, with family or friends! Tubing piste (4 seasons sledding) Tubing is not available in rainy weather. Group...

Bruche craft : stages de survie

Vallée de la Bruche

L'accueil est dans notre nature
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Fort of Mutzig / Feste Kaiser Wilhelm II
du 24/02/2023 au 11/03/2024 à Dinsheim sur Bruche

Visite gratuite de l'atelier de fabrication

The Climont jam factory
du 12/01/2024 au 01/04/2024 à Ranrupt


Le 01/03/2024 à Rothau


Activités des vacances d'hiver chez Boiséo
du 26/02/2024 au 10/03/2024 à La Broque

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