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Leisure activities - The Bruche Valley

In the Vosges, in the heart of Alsace, the landscapes of the Bruche Valley is a paradise for lovers of outdoor activities. Get off the land and pull yourself up to the highest peaks, tease the trout fish, get on the bike, mountain bike up the hills and mountains or enjoy the scenery with a trotting horse. If your goal is to move, you will be enchanted!

Loisirs actifs 2017

Natura vallée

Cheval Alsace

Horse riding activities center: Cheval Alsace

Gallop in the millenia forests of Alsace. Our team will lead you away to discover trails of Champ du feu and its marvelous overviews. Beginners other confirmeds , try the...
© Joan Lavigne

Pégase drive rando

"A day or more, in a group or with the family, bring driving a 4x4 together with a tourist outing: Pegase Drive plans your adventure for you in line with your requirements.... / Spach
Vallée de la Bruche

E-bike rental

"Our e-bikes await nature lovers! Here are the Movelo network rental points: - Schirmeck: 4 e-bikes at Tourist Information - Colroy-la-Roche: 2 electric mountain bikes at La...
Bourg Bruche

Bike park

Office de tourisme de la vallée de la Bruche / Stéphane Spach

Private tours in a 2cv across the Bruche Valley

"Private 2CV trips, booking required. Explore unique spots in the Bruche Valley with vintage car enthusiast Thierry. He'll take you off the beaten track on board a 2CV! "
© OTVB / Stéphane SPACH
Vallée de la Bruche

Chasser dans la Haute-Vallée de la Bruche

"Hunting is governed by specific regulations related to local law in Alsace. Hunting lots are sold at auction for 9 years (municipal) or 12 years (state). Only the seller and...

Parcours permanent d'initiation à la pratique de l'orientation : secteur Serva

Natural space created by the Departmental Council and Foyer Oberlin de La Broque and mapped by the Departmental Orientation Course Committee providing a fun-filled orientation...
Ferme équestre du Chauffour

Ferme équestre du Chauffour

The old Vosges farm at the foot of the Climont welcomes visitors for horse rides exploring the untamed trails through unique flora and fauna, ruins, rocks and small canyons.
© Ass. des Ânes du Grand Spiess
Muhlbach sur Bruche

Association des Ânes du Grand Spiess

Discover our animals: 11 donkeys, 1 Vietnamese pig, 2 billy goats, 2 rabbits, chickens, ducks, geese. - Visits of the asinery and walks with our donkeys in an arranged course, -...

Vallée de la Bruche

L'accueil est dans notre nature
Alsace - Massif des Vosges - France

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The Climont jam factory
du 10/07/2022 au 31/12/2022 à Ranrupt

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Fort of Mutzig / Feste Kaiser Wilhelm II
du 01/07/2022 au 31/08/2022 à Dinsheim sur Bruche


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Aperitif & outdoor games
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