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Hiking trails

Here're the best hiking trails of the Bruche Valley !

Learn more about the Trail-marking by the Club Vosgien.

Randonnée 2021
OTVB / Stéphane SPACH

Hiking trail B07: The Nideck ruins and waterfall

Nideck is a land of legend with castles inhabited by giants. Its waterfall, the highest in Alsace, falls into a steep and wild volcanic cirque. There is a wonderful story behind...
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Saint Blaise la Roche

Hiking trail H09: The banks of the Bruche

Deep in the valley, St-Blaise-la-Roche's population soared in the 19th century with the establishment of the weaving and spinning industries and great saw mills. The town also...

Hiking trail C20: Jean-Frédéric Oberlin, the Enlightenment pastor

Jean-Frédéric Oberlin, the Protestant pastor from Ban de la Roche, lived in Waldersbach for 59 years and died here in 1826. The Oberlin Museum has promoted the work of the 18th...

Hiking trail B16: The Soultzbach waterfall

Along the way you can see the Ruchfels rock, the Soultzbach waterfall, as well as a water hole called "Salzloch", which has given rise to numerous legends. Some say it is...

Hiking trail H11: From Fonrupt to Promont

This stunning walk through the Vosges mountain is, in itself, an open-air history book. You can't miss a trip to the church before leaving Fouday. All that remains of its 13th...

Hiking trail CDF06: Tour of the Champ du Feu

Champ du Feu is the highest point in Bas-Rhin at 1099m. Its high-altitude grassland and domed peatlands create a natural space that is fragile and exceptional in equal measure....
Sentier botanique et panoramique de Natzwiller

Hiking trail C09: The panoramic trail

This hillside trail takes you on a wonderful walk with a chance to see the local trees and plants overlooking the village of Natzwiller. It can boast some beautiful views over the...

Hiking trail CDF03 : In the land of knuckles

Lovely medium-difficulty hike lasting 2.5 hours with shaded sections. Food and drink available along the route.
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Hiking trail D02: The two Donons

This is a mythical site packed with history and legend. A fabulous place where your body and soul can roam free. The Donon mountain range is a unique site packed with legends. Its...

Hiking trail B02: The Mutzig Rock and the Porte de Pierre

A lovely hike on the west side of the Bruche Valley. Peaking at 1010m, the Mutzig Rock has incredible views of the valley and surrounding mountains, such as the Donon, Schneeberg...

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