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The locals

People with personalities are worth meeting here

Colroy la Roche

Michel Muhr

Michel Muhr, beekeeper and manager of the Colroy la Roche bee centre. His story: his passion for the fabulous insect began when Michel was 4. 8 year old Michel checked his...
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Thierry Habersetzer


Luc Reuiller

Bernard Gewinner

Bernard Gewinner

"Bernard Gewinner, Club Vosgien volunteer and hike guide. His story: Bernard is originally a ""city slicker"" implanted with an XXL nature gene. His love of Mother Nature and his...
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Colette Baecher

Colroy la Roche

Mikael Rochel

"Young mid-mountain farmer in Belmont. His story: you could say that it's in Mickael's blood... he was already working the milking machine on his parents' farm when he was 4. He...

Catherine Habersetzer

Catherine, pastry chef and guesthouse manager. Her story: Catherine has always treated her family and friends to her sweet bakes. 2014 saw family heritage, a beautiful Vosges...
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Vallée de la Bruche

L'accueil est dans notre nature
Alsace - Massif des Vosges - France

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Musée Oberlin
du 02/11/2022 au 23/12/2022 à Waldersbach

Crédit : centre européen du résistant déporté

Former concentration camp Natzweiler Struthof
du 16/10/2022 au 23/12/2022 à Natzwiller


Senior hiking
du 01/01/2022 au 31/12/2022 à Vallée de la Bruche

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Treasure hunt : Le Sirène sort le grand jeu !
Le 04/12/2022 à Waldersbach

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