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Marché hebdomadaire de Schirmeck

Weekly Market


Ferme Auberge du Promont

Cheese, butter, yoghurt, crème fraîche, fromage blanc etc.
© Rucher du Nideck

GAEC Le rucher du Nideck

Buy direct from Germain Schnelzauer the beekeeper.
Montagne et terroir

Montagne et terroirs

Montagne et Terroirs is first and foremost a local store. We support the fact that the farms and exploitations from which our products come from are local and of quality. We sell...

Ferme Kieffer

Club gastronomique de la vallée de la Bruche
Vallée de la Bruche

The Bruche Valley professional gastronomy club

The Bruche Valley professional gastronomy club brings together all the food sector professionals in the Bruche area including butchers, bakers and pastry makers, local producers...
Fournil du Netzenbach - defaut

Fournil du Netzenbach

Boulangerie - pâtisserie Fieng

Boulangerie de la Bruche

 Drive Producteurs Bruche

Drive Producteurs Bruche

Schirmeck Farm click & collect is made up of 25 producers and artisans. They provide their local produce without obligation. Place your order on by...
Sybil Ernwein

Les chèvres de Bellefontaine

Farm between Wisches and Lutzelhouse whose adventure began in mid-2016. The goats are comfortably installed there since and their first young were born in January 2017. A...
Bakery: Au chalet gourmand - defaut

Bakery: Au chalet gourmand


Fruit farm of the Badémont

Jean Vogel's farm is located on the former French-German border at the top of the Col de Saâles. Rare berries (tayberries, Vosges blueberries and others) grow on this...

Vallée de la Bruche

L'accueil est dans notre nature
Alsace - Massif des Vosges - France

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Fort of Mutzig / Feste Kaiser Wilhelm II
du 06/11/2023 au 22/12/2023 à Dinsheim sur Bruche

Crédit : centre européen du résistant déporté

Former concentration camp Natzweiler Struthof
du 01/10/2023 au 24/12/2023 à Natzwiller

Samuel Vogler

Chritmas fairy tale
Le 02/12/2023 à Wildersbach

Mairie Schirmeck

Christmas Street entertainment
du 25/11/2023 au 15/01/2024 à Schirmeck

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