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2 days to explore the horizon... and experience something you won't find anywhere other than Alsace!

Mémorial Alsace-Moselle

The Alsace-Moselle Memorial

Let you go in the heart of a historic and interactive course in the meanders of the fate of a region border, Alsace-Moselle of 1870 in our days, with a particular lighting on the...
de 09h30 à 18h00
Crédit : centre européen du résistant déporté

Former concentration camp Natzweiler Struthof

Opened in 1941, Struthof is the only structure of its type on French soil. 52,000 prisoners were forced to work in the quarry near the camp. 22,000 people died here, often of...
de 09h30 à 17h30
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Musée Oberlin

The Jean-Frédéric Oberlin Museum's collections testify to the 59 years' church ministry during which Oberlin, an Alsatian Lutheran clergyman and philanthropist, labored to...
de 14h00 à 18h00
La chatte pendue

The Chatte Pendue rock

Its name is based on an expression in the local dialect which means “the high hanging rock”.
Cascade de Soultzbach

The Soultzbach Waterfall

Lovely little waterfall a half hour walk from Urmatt village centre.
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The Mutzig rock

A remarkable “pudding stone” rock (a sandstone conglomerate rock incrusted with small pebbles). Magnificent view over the Bruche Valley and the Champ du Feu range.
Vue sur le Climont
Bourg Bruche

The Climont

As one of the finest mountain in the sandstone Vosges area, ideally located between the basins of Saint-Dié-des-Vosges and Villé, this is the region's main water tower...
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Neuviller la Roche

The Serva waterfalls

Forded natural waterfalls.
© Musée des traditions populaires, Neuviller la Roche
Neuviller la Roche

The museum of local traditions

Dominated by the beautiful forest of the Vosges Mountains, the quaint little town of Neuviller-la-Roche is very picturesque, with its houses clinging to the hillside, its narrow...
Le Voyemont

The Voyemont

A mountain including a rock known as the Roche des Fées (the Fairy Rock) at its peak.
La porte de pierre sur les hauteurs de la Vallée de la Bruche

La porte de Pierre

The “Porte de Pierre” is a strange and fascinating natural monument, a pink sandstone monolith in the heart of the forest on the Donon Massif. A great many hikers make the...
OTVB / Stéphane Spach

The Champ du Feu

The Champ du Feu, standing at 1099 meters, is the highest point of the Lower Rhine. The vegetation of its mountain stubble fields and raised peat bogs make this natural site...
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Vallée de la Bruche

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Alsace - Massif des Vosges - France

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The Alsace-Moselle Memorial
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